A heartfelt “hello” and welcome to my blog, “Fitness With Attitude”. My sincere thanks to you all for visiting.

A little introduction. To the right is a photo of me and my Al, my significant other of 31 years. I call him my Gift from the Universe because that’s exactly what he was when I met him when I was 42. And that’s what he has been to me for all these years.

About 3 years ago, at age 70, I became extremely concerned about the weight I had been carrying for altogether too many years and resolved finally to do something about it. I was firmly ensconced in the “obese” range of the BMI (Body Mass Index) at 236 pounds at 5’8.5″ and was terrified of being at risk for everything we are warned about by healthcare professionals.

Even if you are only 20 or 30 or 40 or 50, if you are carrying extra weight, you all know the drill: at risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and one of the scariest to me, diabetes – and heaven only knows how many other things!

My vanity also told me constantly that even at my age, I would look a whole hell of a lot better if I were thin again. Even with the gray hair, wrinkles and yellowing teeth! (Get used to it – I am your future!) My Al is going to be soooo happy! Even though he has loved me all through the weight gain and now through the downward journey – truly my Gift from the Universe – he deserves a little sumpin’ sumpin’ better!

My fear and vanity finally pushed me to find a food plan that I could use to start what I wanted to be a slow process of losing 80-100 pounds over 5 -6 years without feeling hungry. Then, 3 years later, in July of 2018, after having lost between 30 and 40 pounds, I joined a gym to help me regain some of the strength I had lost over the many, many years of being fat and unfit and to start the process of becoming fit, perhaps for the first time in my life.

As I write this in February of 2018, it’s now a little over 7 months since joining the gym. I have lost an additional 20-25 pounds and am slowly but very noticeably building muscle and strength with the invaluable and expert help of the wonderful trainer at my gym.

And, no, there will be no “Before” pictures of my ugly old body here! Maybe – just maybe! – there will be few body parts featured to show my condition, plus a carefully selected one or two “After” photos when I’ve completed my journey to 100 pounds of lost weight. And more after that as I continue to work on the muscle and fitness building. But we’re all just going to have to wait and see on that! And by the way, I intend to continue a gym routine until the day I reach 100, or die, or cannot move any more!


Now that you know me a little bit, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I want to share my fitness journey both to provide inspiration to others and to stay on course myself and hold myself accountable.

Regarding my own journey, I will be giving you updates of any weight loss, things I’ve done or am doing at the gym, along with progress and set-backs (Yup! That’s part of it, folks!), body measurements of various kinds and something about how I’m feeling, e.g., successes, discouragements, random thoughts, maybe even some wisdom every now and again.

I will also be writing 1 blog each week about topics of interest in the areas of health and fitness, diet and exercise, inspiration, gym reviews, workouts and related subjects.

Finally once a month my trainer, Chris Butler, will provide information and tips about working out at various levels of fitness, setting realistic expectations, exercising safely, working out with injuries and various health conditions, nutrition as it relates to working out and other relevant and inspiring subjects.

Chris has a great background in athletics and fitness training having started his journey as a high school and college football player in different positions. He later transitioned into formal fitness training after working several years in various management positions with local and national corporations. He is a certified personal trainer, currently with Planet Fitness in Arizona, and will soon be qualified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in advanced personal training techniques and fitness nutrition.

Chris also does personal training on the side, and is working on going in that direction exclusively. So, if you live in Metro Phoenix and are interested in working with a wonderful personal trainer, keep your eye on the blog. Even if you’re not in the Metro Phoenix area, keep an eye out for his posts for what I know will be the terrific information he will be sharing with us..

Chris has been profoundly helpful to me and I know can also be for you.


So, won’t you please join me on this journey? No matter your age or fitness level, I want to hear from you, too! I promise to bring you valuable, useful information, and I simply cannot wait to watch your progress also and cheer you along on this miraculous journey of self-transformation!

To our mutual Determination and Success!

Fitness with Attitude, people!!!


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